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Doctor Jones at Northwest Eye Associates believes in looking at the big picture when it comes to your eye health. He will take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, your overall health and your vision needs. Our eye doctor knows that getting the right prescription involves balancing several factors, including clear eyesight, visual efficiency and your ability to process visual information seamlessly.

Getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care. However, even if your vision is sharp, it is important to have regular eye exams and our optometrist is always accepting new patients. The health of your eyes is critical part of ensuring clear vision in the future. Whether you need a routine eye examination, a fitting for eyeglasses or contact lenses, help choosing the right frames, treatment for an eye disease (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy) or even eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery, our doctor will provide you with expert care, advice, options and follow up.

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Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Our staff will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision.

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Advanced Technology

Learn about the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our Practice.

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Dr. David Jones Welcomes Patients from Northwest Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle & Southern Kansas

Q&A with Dr. David Jones

Dr. David Jones Answers Your Eye Care Questions

Should I wear sunglasses during the winter?

Absolutely! Excessive amounts of radiation over a short period of time can cause painful photokeratitis or a “sunburn of the eye.” Fortunately, this is usually temporary and rarely causes permanent damage to the eyes. The longer the eyes are exposed to solar radiation, the greater the risk of developing cataracts or macular degeneration later in life. You should wear quality sunglasses that offer UV protection and a hat or cap with a wide brim.

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